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Wedding planning for the rich and famous

Planning a wedding for celebrities is always a demanding task, one which requires a professional wedding planner who can understand the bride and groom’s vision and foresee certain obstacles that may present themselves on the big day. It is the norm for the rich and famous to invite thousands of guests at a time, and even to hold the event over several days (and sometimes in different locations or countries!), which makes the planning even more complex!

Plan ahead

Wedding planners have to take security and privacy even more seriously when the couple is very wealthy or famous to ensure that the bride and groom can celebrate their special day with added peace of mind. Bands, caterers, stylists, florists and photographers also have to be booked well in advance, especially since these kinds of clients like to have the best.

Special requests

Some clients may also fancy having other forms of entertainment for their guests, such as casino table games managed by real dealers (comparable to playing live tables at online casinos you find here: https://www.casinohawks.com/), or even a mini cinema! Others may prefer to hold the occasion at an unusual venue, such as animal reserves, spas or on their own private island! The latter would normally require the wedding planner to make detailed arrangements for travelling guests by sorting out things like transport and accommodation as well. Ultimately, a big celebrity wedding can be a difficult yet rewarding job for any experienced wedding planner!

16 Jun 2019